Michelin Employer Brand

Respect for people is one of the Michelin Group's founding values. Your development, your self-fulfillment and your engagement are at the center of our efforts and our performance.

Employer of the Year 2018


Michelin was awarded the title of “Employer of the year 2018 in Romania”, by Romania Insider, an independent media organization which organized the first edition of a yearly competition reuniting several top companies in the country.

The prize was awarded after a rigorous selection process: the companies who reached the highest placement have been chosen by a reputable Board of Advisors and an independent Jury of CEOs of different organizations. They assessed four main criteria: the stability of the teams, the positive impact of the HR policies implemented, the learning opportunities and the level of benefits available for the employees.


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1.      Personal and Professional Development

We recruit you for your personality, your skills and your experience for a  career in the company  , not for a particular, definitive job. At each step in your career, in addition to your line manager's support, one of our 350 career managers guides you along your career path to help you build a personalized career plan for the long term. When it comes to building your career, your aspirations are just as important as the Group's needs.

Your career is built, step by step, around a core profession, with changes in responsibility, moves to other job fields and, why not, to other countries.


Jean-Michel Guillon, Michelin Group Executive Vice President Personnel


2. Working Together

Michelin’s success is built on the complementary talents of our people. Our employees enjoy a strong bond with each other and a commitment to the company. We

share a common set of human values and the strong conviction that trust and respect are the required conditions to face challenges confidently and help individuals realize their full potential. At Michelin, every employee offers their individual expertise, energy and commitment so we can keep moving forward together. Collaboration and trust create a comfortable and balanced working atmosphere, in which individuals can improve their performance. With this outstanding team spirit, Michelin supports all its employees on the road to success and even beyond.


3.  Iconic Brand, Innovation


The Michelin brand is recognized and respected worldwide as a benchmark for quality and innovation.

We value the role each individual plays in company development. All our employees drive the growth of tomorrow. We offer them optimal conditions so they can do their part in offering the world increasingly innovative products.

Joining the Michelin Group means being part of a powerful, international company. A passion for our iconic brand helps individuals play a key role in the on-going search for improved mobility.

With this power and constant desire for innovation, Michelin propels each employee’s potential towards the future, and even beyond.



A mutual commitment


An individualized training program

You are trained at every stage of your career path. You have an individualized training program:

  • on your induction
  • each time you change positions
  • on an on-going basis

Every day, an average of 4,000 people receive training within the Group. With 6.63 million training hours in 2014 (excluding Euromaster and TCI), we are above the average of the largest global companies.

High-quality management

In the course of your career, you forge a close, trust-based relationship with your manager.

Your manager is attentive, receptive and demanding, giving you the support and guidance you need to develop. This means:

  • your manager creates the right conditions for you to succeed in your job and progress by empowering you
  • every year, your manager sets your objectives, appraises your performance and works with you to define a Skills Development Action Plan whenever necessary
  • at key points in your career, your manager conducts a Periodic Development Review with you to identify development prospects and discuss them with your career manager.

At Michelin, we maintain a high standard of management through training and an annual assessment of managers.

We take an interest in your work

For each role you occupy, we define a clear job description with precise objectives. Our goal is to give you a job that fosters your continuous progress in our customers' service.

Because we believe that empoweredorganizations are the key to success, we give you the autonomy you need within your team and opportunity to express your views to accelerate this continuous progress. In 2016, 59,601 progress and innovation ideas were submitted by our team members.

Quality of working life

To support you in your everyday work, we make a point of creating a working environment that is modern, pleasant and safe, and maintaining a sound work/life balance. To this end, support measures are applied in the field, in every country. Depending on local requirements, this might mean flexible working, health and preventive medical programs, safety measures, and so on.

Fair compensation 

Like each of our employees, you receive individualized compensation that is fair and consistent with the local conditions in your country. To calculate it, we factor in:

  • your level of responsibility;
  • your performance;
  • your contribution to the Group's performance.

In addition, we add a contribution to your pension and to your social security coverage.

We add a contribution to your pension and your social security cover.